Popcorn Removal Experts

A1A Popcorn ceilings Removal We are specialized not only in outdoor and interior design projects to improve your home look and feel, but we can take it a step further thanks to our Florida Popcorn ceiling removal facilities. When you take the popcorn texture off your ceiling, your Florida home has a fresh “Skip-Trowel” finish, ready to be painted just in a smooth, dry wall. This gives your roof a soft, modern look.

Popcorn ceiling has benefits to remove: the popcorn ceiling consists of a heavy material that makes it difficult to repaint. You have a flawless finish ready to apply for any paint design by removing the popcorn texture.
If your ceiling needs repair in the future due to leaks of water, it is very hard to repair the popcorn ceiling. With your skip-trowel completely removed and replaced, you save extra time and money if damage has ever happened.
Popcorn ceilings built before 1977 can actually be hazardous if they contain asbestos.
It’s difficult to clean your ceiling with popcorn textures. You will have access to easier cleaning methods if you remove them.
What is Popcorn Process Entail Removal?
At A1A Popcorn Removal, we are proud to create all our projects as easy as possible, keeping all areas free of waste and tidy during work. We take several steps to ensure that your home is clean and functional until the project is complete when we remove the pop-corn ceiling.

We are your Pompano Beach, Florida experts

The first stage consists of our durable plastic covering all walls and floors. This enables collect any dust falls and makes it easier to remove them from your home instantly.
We wet the popcorn to remove it.
We use a distinctive tool to remove popcorn’s texture after we have prepared the ceiling for removal.
Then we can add a thin sheet of mud to create a standardized design.
After the mud is fully dried, we sand the walls for a whole texture that is just as smooth.
Then your ceiling is painted.
After the final inspection, for possible inspection, we apply a finishing coat for additional smoothing.