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We are highly experienced in the most up-to-date weatherproofing techniques for building envelopes and on all our projects we use only the highest quality materials. We have extensive experience installing all sorts of windows and doors from different manufacturers including plastic, brass, fiberglass, tilt & switch, and wood-clad windows. We have the ability to install a wide range of railing systems on a wide range of structures. No one knows better than us about Windows! More than one million windows facility and complete building facilities for windows, doors, glass and screens and more-from design and manufacture to installation and repair.

The appearance and feeling influences what people think and feel when they enter your house or house room. Patio doors allow people to enjoy your patio or garden, and entrance doors are your house’s first contact. Besides the environment, doors offer protection against smoke and fire spreading and keep your family safe. We install the new high-efficiency double and triple panel windows in a wide range of styles and colors. The product pages below address the advantages of various types of window materials that we offer to help you choose the best fit for your home or apartment.

Breeze-Free Window & Door will help, whether you need to replace a window or are ready to replace windows for your entire home. Let’s replace those foggy windows framed with aluminum and old-wood, or failed isolated units. We deliver from the industry’s leading manufacturers a complete line of wood framed, glass, and aluminum windows and will help you pick the windows that best suits your needs.

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Although modern windows are designed to be more energy-efficient, proper installation is necessary to lower the monthly bills for electricity. For more than two decades, the Breeze-Free technicians have been delivering window replacement service. They know what it takes to fix a window correctly and have it properly installed so it will last you a long time and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

We add sliding windows that can help boost airflow in your home, open and close as wide as you would like to adjust to weather changes. We mount all types of windows, create unique shapes and make additional glazing. We offer a wide variety of windows homeowners deserve from traditional styles such as double hung, to unique designs that are custom designed for each particular house. And our installations are both reliable and timely, thanks to the countless hours of factory training that each of our window specialists has to undergo. On time and on budget, we always finish.