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Many businesses will turn their noses up for smaller roofing repair jobs, not us. We have repaired in all sizes and shapes thousands of times and have the experience you need to solve your problems. Both residential and commercial buildings are repaired, and unless it is absolutely necessary, we will never try to sell you a whole new roof. Much can go wrong on the weekend or overnight. You may be totally unprepared for a major tropical storm to tear a hole in your house. 

Roofers are not the same for World-Class Roofing Repair Services. Workmanship in the final product plays an enormous factor. You need a roofer with the integrity to do the job right-cutting corners may result in thousands of additional repair work.

Here, with dignity, we built our brand on every roofing project we’ve ever done. We make your own needs and use only the finest quality materials, equipment and roofing.

The roof includes a lot of different things that can cause leaks. Storm damage from floods, tree damage from falling trees, damage from people walking on the roof, old worn-out shingles, broken shingles and sunburned… The list continues and continues.  The final product of the roofing never fails. In the roofing industry, we aspire to be distinctive. We view your home as a family member. Which means that during inspections we spend extra time.

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We only use the best crews that the manufacturers certify for the best possible warranty. With 30 + years of experience serving DFW, we are storm damage restauration experts. When leaks are not treated as the building frame continues to be exposed to the elements, the base of your home may be damaged. Residential roof repair business. On beautiful homes in Texas we are fixing more roofs than anyone else. What this means to you as a customer is that you work with a strong business with a good long-term history of installing new high-quality roofs at a fair price. Some of our customers had us fix their roofs many times because of shifting, hail damage, storms or wind.