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Due to the health risks associated with inhaling asbestos fibers, you may need to hire a specially certified building inspector to investigate a renovation or demolition project before starting work. Inspectors accredited to the Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act (AHERA) standards are qualified to perform asbestos surveys. An asbestos test determines products that are likely to contain asbestos that need to be damaged or removed to complete the project. All products will be tested and sent to a laboratory until detected to assess if asbestos is present. If the substance contains more than 1% asbestos, adequate procedures must be utilized to minimize the risk of contamination and safely dispose of the materials. Asbestos is a material found in buildings that can affect human health. The Asbestos Abatement Program of the District guarantees that asbestos removal contractors protect their own health and safety, and building tenants and the general public’s health and safety.

Undamaged, there may be no exposure to asbestos. Tiny asbestos fibers are released when asbestos-containing content is disturbed. Such fibers are inhaled or absorbed into the bloodstream. What are asbestos ‘ health effects? The development of lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma, and gastrointestinal cancer is attributed to exposure to asbestos.

Since asbestos was introduced into a multitude of building materials before the 1980s, removal of asbestos was a highly specialized operation. Asbestos is a naked eye translucent, highly toxic silicate carcinogen. This makes it a serious health hazard for families living in older buildings, particularly after an accident or renovation has caused damage to the building.

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The fibers are released into the building’s atmosphere when asbestos is disturbed or destroyed. They cause scarring and inflammation in the lungs when the fibers are breathed in, and can lead to cancer. If you’re concerned about your home in Washington, DC, particularly after a tragedy or a remodel, and would like to have asbestos testing, schedule a Best-tech inspection as soon as possible.

Industrial cleaning is the most efficient and sufficient means for the scheduled cleaning of plants, services and storage facilities. The technicians are highly skilled and operate specialized cleaning devices such as ultra-high-pressure cleaners, air-operated diaphragm pumps, custom-made wet dry vacuum trucks, skip trucks, hook-lift trucks and multi-purpose containers for industrial cleaning equipment. Our team represents the following industries: oil and gas producers, freight forwarders, transportation, rail networks, manufacturing, towns, mining, electricity and more. Health at work and on-site comes first, and our SHEQ team reviews and supervises all staff.