A1A Tile installation

We are specialized in the installation of tiles, repairs, washing and sealing. We can also put countertops in and position and repair badly damaged floors. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet the many facets of your needs and support you through a worry-free and stress-free project. We offer a wide range of tile, stone & marble installation services and are proud of the standard of workmanship we bring to your project.

Our services in tile installation include granite, travertine, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, natural stone, and more. We also sell repair grout & tile, re-grout, grout sealing, grout staining, mud pans, or whatever installation needs may be connected to your tile.

If your project is big or small, new building or remodeling, residential or industrial, we would like the opportunity to serve you and give you a competitive bid. We believe in honesty and integrity in conducting our business and building strong relationships with our customers. We look forward to telling you that. We have a core team of top-notch tile craftsmen, hand-selected and qualified experts as a family-run business. We assume this is what so distinguishes our standard of workmanship and separates us from other tile contractors. The customers include the top house builders, designers, architects and most discerning homeowners in many surrounding areas. To see some of our work, see our photo galleries. And, with your own suggestions, email us. We also welcome all sizes of innovative and tailored work.

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If you are planning to hand only select certain tiles or remove tiles from your order, this should be done before installation. Only the tiles you picked will be installed by your installer. After installation, removing tiles requires a lot of work and risk. In order to advise you how much extra tile you should order, your installer will need to know in advance if you plan to hand-select. Ceramic tiles can be used almost anywhere, including walls, fireplaces, ceilings and floors. Such tiles have a variety of qualities that make them suitable for almost every part of the building being tilted. Ceramic tiles are resistant to damage, stress, stain, and water absorption, offering thermal, chemical, and mechanical characteristics.

Throughout interior design, tiles play an important role throughout setting the house’s look and feel. These are used to create the desired environment, but can also be hard to choose from. Ceramic tiles are available in various colors and color combinations, especially in modern houses. Custom sizes can also be supplied to meet specific requirements in addition to standard sizes. We are committed to providing outstanding services that will meet and surpass their needs to homeowners and companies. We have two decades of experience and we’re going to use our insights to provide you with the long-lasting solutions you need.

You are guaranteed to be satisfied with our tile installation service.