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A1A Tile Installation is a full-service home remodeling and tile assembly company. We were founded in 2004 and specialize in all types of flooring technologies, from hardwood floors to tile systems. With our extensive knowledge and skills in tile installation, kitchen/ bathroom refurbishment and home restoration, we can transform any concept into a fantastic reality regarding quality, accessibility and incredible appearance.

Bathroom Walled in Closet Glass In the corridor Why are we going to choose?
Our expert team is ready to run every size of the kitchen / bathroom renovation and assembly project. We guide our clients from beginning to finish through the restoration and assembly process. We also provide different flooring and refurbishment options to ensure that you get what you want. With over two decades ‘ experience in home renovation, our highly skilled and professional team will finish your tile, cooking / bathroom renovation or home renovation project as quickly as possible.

We are proud to supply professional tile installation in Miami Flooring and Tile, FL. We have been marketing a wide variety of expertise and knowledge for almost a decade, so we are solely experts from the sector. Honesty, quality and excellence are our goals. We believe before ourselves in service, leading to excellent communication with customers.

The water and stain resistance keeps your floor look nice.

Our experts install a broad variety of tiles professionally in both residential and commercial premises. A1A Tile Installation and Flooring has a high quality inventory of tiles to make the remodeling project shine when you’re looking for marble, porcelain, laminate, ceramics and more.

Do all for tile flooring!

A1A Tile Installation are at your service if you renovate your home and need a special tile installation to join your project or look for a low-maintenance alternative for your current flooring. We are proud to serve Miami, FL, and Pompano Beach, Florida and guarantee the quality that our customers satisfy. Call today for more information.

A bathroom renovation project in Miami, like in many regions of the nation, is a cost-effective project to enhance property values through more homeowners. Bathrooms definitely play an important role in your day’s convenience. If your bathrooms are outdated or not big enough, you need a bathroom design team with tools and upgrade skills. We’re coming in here. That’s where we get in. The A1A Tile Installation can design the ideal bathroom remodeling scheme for your needs as a toilet remodeling company in Miami.

We are ready to take your project on board to be completed so that your expectations are exceeded, whether you are upgrading one or more bathrooms or bathrooms.