A1A popcorn removal

Here we know that it looks like removing textured ceilings could be an easy DIY process, but do not be fooled.  Not only can removing that ugly ceiling be messy, but it could also be dangerous!

We are going to give you a few reasons why you should NEVER remove your popcorn ceilings yourself.  Even if you can, it doesn’t mean that you should. There is great overall value to having your popcorn ceilings removed and professionally refinished.  Watch this short video and you’ll see why we believe it’s a good idea to leave it to the professionals.

The number one reason you should call us and never remove your popcorn ceilings by yourself is the possibility of asbestos. Many homes were built before 1978, when textured ceilings were popular, and that means there is a chance that your ceilings contain asbestos.  As you know, asbestos is a carcinogen – not good. It is not only dangerous to breathe asbestos fibers into your lungs, it is actually AGAINST THE LAW in most states to remove asbestos without the proper safety precautions, equipment and certifications. What we do is take a very small sample of your ceiling and have it tested.  It doesn’t take very long and having the piece of mind is well worth it. There is some cost to conducting an asbestos test, but again, it is well worth it.

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Maintenance troubles: If something happens to the ceiling and the popcorn begins to break or fall off, it can be difficult to provide the repair or maintenance needed to help it maintain the same appearance it had prior. Potential dangers: For older homes, there is a possibility that the popcorn ceiling contains asbestos as part of its materials. If the particles are disturbed for any reason, the asbestos can be spread into the air. If inhaled, it can cause serious lung cancer and mesothelioma. If you make the decision to remove popcorn ceilings, don’t do it alone. Hire a professional to get the job done.

Removing the popcorn ceiling can allow you the freedom to design the entire home to your liking, including painting rooms to increase the aesthetic appeal and value.If you want  popcorn ceiling removal work done in your home, you most likely won’t need to pay very much. popcorn ceiling removal services are usually not that expensive, though the total amount that you will pay will depend on the size of your ceiling. You will be able to get an accurate quote from the popcorn ceiling removal professionals that you hire to do this work for you so you’ll know exactly how much you are going to pay before any actual work begins. In the end you will ultimately find that the money you spend on these popcorn ceiling removal services will be well worth it.

Calling the licensed popcorn ceiling professionals is an important step, especially if you are unsure if your ceiling contains asbestos.we are not an overly expensive ordeal and by using the professionals you can save both money and aggravation when removing your popcorn ceiling. A1A popcorn removal is an expert in the removal of popcorn ceilings as well as re texturing. Popcorn ceilings not only lower the value of your home and/or business but it also can be responsible for causing serious allergy problems as well. When you hire us for the removal of your popcorn ceilings, you will be making a great choice! Our popcorn removal experts are known for their quality and ability to remove popcorn ceilings in a fast time frame, typically one day!