Wood Is Good, But You Need To Know This First

Why Wooden Fences Don’t Always Work

At one point in time, every Alpharetta, Georgia facility at Fence often comes under wooden fencing. Whilst the wood fencing, perhaps the first used fencing fabric, has a rich history, it has a lot of problems as well. Although we never suggest not to install it, we always suggest its problems. We will suggest it.

However, be conscious that this is not applicable to all wooden obstacles and can change a lot depending on the paneling and assembling techniques. Nor in wooden fences do these problems found, so be conscious of this. In general, this only underlines certain issues in wooden fencing.


Wooden clasps don’t last so long, but depend on the wood used and the amount of service it offers. Certain forests may last 12-20 years, like Cedar. Service of pressurized and processed timber on average.

Constant Maintenance

Wood fencing, naturally organic, needs adequate therapy and maintenance. If this is not done, redness, damage, substitution and repair may be necessary. Although many installations at Fence company Alpharetta are maintained, it’s easy enough to make sure you do it as usual and suggested.

Rot / Insect Damage

Every natural fence usually produces some sort of red or insect harm earlier or later. In essence, organic harm is only dependent on the type of wood and the care you placed in it. The harm will definitely happen in real life. The adequate maintenance of the post above reduces dramatically the risk of harm to the rot and insects.

Wind damage or bent posts

Well, everything relies on how well your selected fence firm has accomplished the installation and preparation job. The chances that this will occur to you are usually triggered by severe winds or effects. It’s simple enough to repair, but still a problem.

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